Touch of Winter

I am trying to remember when winter was.


The last leaves are still hanging on a couple of trees, and the Snowflakes and Jonquils are finishing already – so when was the winter point between autumn and spring? Today I saw pink blossoms on a precocious plum and my Pat Austin rose – which I was pruning – had 4 fat flower buds. Were they the last from autumn or the first for spring? Anyway, I cut them off with a few olive leaves and put them in a vase on the table to enjoy along with the first little carrots I pulled, and Arabella’s winter eggs. Thank you Arabella Isa Brown!

The Tour de France is my queue to spray my stone-fruit trees with copper sulphate and to mulch the asparagus plants with seaweed. I read somewhere that you don’t even have to rinse the seawater off the seaweed because asparagus love salt…what would the comfrey and beans nearby think of that though?