What is Eco-resilience

Eco-resilience is the ability to work with nature to enrich one's life in the face of climate change and uncertainty.

Growing food, making all sorts of things from scratch, sharing skills and produce, working locally but thinking about global issues are all part of an approach to make life not only bearable, but exciting and positive as the world changes.

Permaculture is the philosophical approach behind eco-resilience. Caring for this planet in a way that understands her and nurtures her rather than exploiting her, making room for all species to co-exist and thrive, sharing the bounty fairly and limiting over-production (of people, pests, disease, commercial stuff, pollution...) by making decisions in careful consideration of nature's rules.

Here in my South-Eastern Australian oasis, I try to live by these lofty ideals. I live frugally but never want for anything, I put time rather than money into making things that last and I share what I can within my community.

I plan to use this little website to document the goings on here and involve you in the process. If you live within the Pedosphere (walking distance) or the Cyclosphere (cycling distance) of Yarramie Park, Research, I invite you to come and join me in whatever I happen to be doing on the day (updates will appear on the blog)... no charge. If you have to drive, I will levy a small 'tax' and donate 100% to a worthy cause. I will share what I can and invite you to do the same... bring a plate of food to share, lend your tools, share in the care of children and animals, share your skills or knowledge, bring a book or an idea, or your surplus plants and seeds to distribute.

Skills to share?

Can you make string? shoes? cheese? salami? a knife? a quilt? clothes?

Can you espalier an apple tree or fan train a cherry?

These skills will more than likely come up from time to time... and more besides...

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